Guilt Battle Arena

One Bullet, All the Kills

Battle for Couch Co-op Supremacy

In this frantic 2D couch combat game, you have one bullet to fire at your opponents. After firing your gun, you must “rebound” your bullet before firing again. This grin inducing mechanic introduces a new strategic element where thinking about where your bullet will land is as important as where you shoot!

1-2 player Co-op or 2-4 player Versus mode. This is a game that begs to be played together with friends and family.

Enjoy the playful style with 7 game modes and 6 stackable gameplay modifiers. Want to tryout jetpacks and then turn everyone invisible? Go for it!

Select from 10 Player costumes to start with an additional 35+ wacky costumes to unlock during your quest to protect the galaxy!


Product Information

Just the facts...

Developed By: Invincible Cat
Published By: Forward Game Studios

Release Date: December, 2016

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7

CPU: 1.86 GHz


Graphics: Video Card with 512 MB VRAM

Storage: 150 MB Available Space